Revised  Final  Market  Roster - Sunday Dec 27

Thank you to all volunteers. If you are unable to keep your time slot , please let me know as I have emergencies who can step in to fill the position.
I have collected the big blue FOSTER ROTARY IN ACTION SIGN from Steve and will take it down to the market early Sunday morning.– Lyn
Road Signage:
Don N
Kevin F
Gate 7.00 till 9.00 Steve parragreen
Jeff Treloar
6 AM
Kevin F
Bill F
Gate 9.00 till 11.00 Ade Rathjen
Bruce Lester
David Bligh
Office/Start Up:
6:30 AM
Nev W
Lyn L
Max P
Kevin F
Neil N
Marilyn F
Gate 11.00 till 1.00 Richard Jones
Tim Reid
Clean up 1.00 pm Lions have taken over responsibility for the clean up
Les Adams
John Rice
Rod Lomax
Rod Cooper
David Brook
Bruce Standfield

Could members rostered for the first gate shift collect signs, table etc from the train. The last shift to return them to the train carriage.